I have worked in the construction industry in San Diego for nearly 40 years. My love for the business began about 30 years ago when I apprenticed under an old-school, master builder.

On my first day, he taught me how to sharpen a carpenter's pencil with a razor knife. Next, it was how to sink a nail straight and perfectly in three hits or less. He taught me the pride one feels when a job is well done, and walked me through every step of building a house, from framing to finish work. My mentor demanded respect, hard work and integrity. By
the time this custom house in Rancho Santa Fe
was finished, I had a whole new passion for the building industry. 
When I founded Besemer Construction 25 years ago, I based my business on the same values. I do my best to work with honesty and quality from the beginning to the end of every project. 
Over the years, I have developed close relationships with my clients, sub-contractors, designers and architects, which makes our projects run more smoothly. Most of my jobs are word-of-mouth referrals from former clients or repeat business from those clients. 
Ensuring that every project is a win-win situation for everyone involved is my goal. I believe this positive reputation is the secret to the success of Besemer Construction, Inc.